Ok, Yes I know what you are going to say. To run around and being positive all day can be exhausting and annoying for fiends and family. However I’m not tying to suggest that you’re responsible for keeping everyone happy and on track. No, everyone is responsible for keeping themselves happy.

We are just talking about YOU!

Do you find yourself daily becoming depressed? ,  Often thinking there’s got to be a way to become more happy. Don’t worry there is. Start y yourself to just noticing the good stuff around you. ( We are already programmed to and hear all the negatives) So for now just start in the small and notice the good things happening around you and very soon you will see the emptiness in your heart starts to heal.

The challenge is to understand that you are programmed for negatives, so instead of seeing all the good things that you son or daughter is doing, we immediately focus on the one thing they did wrong . We respond many times without even thinking about it. So make a point now to breaking the cycle and start keeping a score of good and  beautiful things happening in your life and always be grateful. You may think you life is a struggle, but compared to others maybe not.


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