Bad , my  Children?  Hey Mr Nick,  you don’t understand, my children are different, they understand more,  they are good kids and they try hard!.  Yes I’m sure they do and that they are very clever, unfortunately however we can only teach them things that we ourselves have learned or get to know.  So we as parents start as soon as they are born to teach them “our”way, a way we already know doesn’t work, but because w don’t have anything else to offer or we simply don’t know. That’s all they going to get.

Most of what we teach them is old stuff we were brought up with that we heard from your parents, like. “You want what?   Do you think money grows on trees?, or “a stitch in time”etc.  In my seminars we go deep into the reason that our kids are stopped from achieving well and robbed of the opportunity to ever become everything they could be. Sad really! For more information contact me at

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