Life Coach Topic;  Business Coaching –  “I” AM HABIT – Here we look at why we find it so difficult to change our “Way of thinking” . Our current conditioning (Programming) is jealously guarded by our “constant companions”  our habits. Also called a paradigm (A multitude of habits) As long as our new ideas are not threatening, “Status Que” (our current programming),  too much, our “Devil” is not too concerned because, as he will remind you, about all the other times you tried to change something and failed, right?

Remember you tried to loose weight, give up smoking, playing with the kids every Sunday, get up early to go for a run and many many others. This is also the case if you tried some form of promotion for you business and failed. Managing your people and getting them to be the best, but failed. Business coaching is essential to overcome this problem.

Life Coach Devil
Life Coach – Your Devil

But if you show you are serious this time, all hell breaks loose and he will stop at nothing, even make you physical sick, to get you to stop.

Don’t believe that? Then do something that really scares you; do some public speaking, handle some good looking snakes or spiders, or even dress really silly and walk down the main street of your town.

All of these unusual act will cause your “Devil” to react instantly. Bob Proctor calls this your  “Terror Barrier”. Whether for life coaching or business coaching you will need to overcome these roadblocks before you will start to be the winner, you were always meant to be.

Business Coaching
Life Coach Nick Struan – I am Habit

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