As a life coach I ask this question of my clients : What is Your life like now?  The answers is almost the same everytime. You know I never really stop to think about how I’m living at the moment. Life just seems so busy and one hour flows into the next, one week into the next.

However to start making a positive change we must evaluate our life in the present moment. So take two pieces of paper and write A and B on them respectively.  Start with page A and write down everything about your life, good or bad. Yes leave nothing out, where you are right now and what you like and what do don’t like.

Its easier if you think someone said; Tell me about yourself and your life ok? Don’t be shy, leave nothing out, even when your little voice says “you can write this”. (Everyone would love to have a friend they could confide in and tell everything about themselves). Look at this exercise like that, be totally honest with yourself.

Step 2. Take the second paper, page B and write out how you really would like to live your life, with everything you have ever wished for. Write it in the present tense, starting with; I’m so happy and grateful now that I……….

Examples could be like;  I’m so happy and grate now that I am earning $ 1000 per week. My new job as an xxxxxx is so exciting and I am so very happy being there. The staff really likes me and I get on with everyone. I have a great opportunity to really do well and I work hard at becoming the best that I can be. My English is really improving and I now speak fluently and with confidence. My co-workers often comments on how well I now speak and how lucky I am.

Come on, if you want to change your life, you need to know where you are NOW and where you want to go. If you want to visit a famous city, you need a roadmap and this is no different. You need a roadmap of where you want to go and what you are becoming.  Let’s get started.

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