What is this new economy really all about anyway and what has it got to do with me?  This new economy has everything to do with every man , woman and child because as Robotics and Automation comes into play in the next few years, there is going to be such a change in the job market on such a scale the world has never hear about. Just think about it!  When the industrial revolution came in the sixtieths we were all promised a 35 hour week, but that never happened because the manufacturing plants was able to use the industrial revolution to upscale their production, so there out put was greater now and so the hours remained the same.

But this is different, because here we are talking about artificial intelligence which means that the ” Machines” can not only do our jobs, but they can learn as they go and become even greater at it than you. Faster, more accurate and work indefinitely without any food breaks or rest time. We are not going to be able to compete with this technology. So there is definitely going to be a shift in the job market and you may well find yourself replaced by a friendly shiny robot.

The technology is already here, look at the Volvo plant in Sweden, only employing a handful of workers yet producing millions of dollars worth or vehicles and equipment. You have seen now that many banking services is going online or has already and this trend will continue into many services around the world, we book our flights now almost entirely online and the process is almost flawless as internet connection improve around the world. The integration between the countries has also opened an stream of trade opportunities around the world and we now just all wait for the sleeping dragon (China) to relax its hard line attitude on internet connection and become a world citizen together with the rest of the world.

I don’t believe the internet is the place to govern its people by any country, but I do foresee the real danger of loosing the morality of its people, as this is already happening in the west and maybe we actually need the internet to send a message to all people and to educate rather than controlling. I love China and its people as much as any other country, and the extremes that you may experience in China in some areas are certainly matched in other areas by the exploitation and the pursuit of the almighty dollar we see in the west.

Anyway, if you loose your job in the future, what will you do and how will you reeducate yourself to manage your family and loved ones affairs. Granted it will not happen overnight and maybe it may not even affect you. But if it does, then these are some of the questions that you will be facing. What I am suggesting is to take a hard look at your and your families circumstances and prepare for the eventuality, not by panic, but as a natural evolution toward enjoying a happy lifestyle and a great future. This is what Life Coaching is all about, helping you become happier and live a more relaxed lifestyle in control and prepared for any eventuality.  “When Your In Need, I’m Your Friend in Deed”,    Send me an email now!

Nick Struan

Life Coach

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