At our seminars we often discuss the concept of having a “Devil” within  our mind. Remembering that the function of our minds is to keep us safe, but our mind,  in an effort to do a good job gets overzealous (tries to hard)  and literally makes us walk knee deep in mud. That’s the feeling you could get, you want to meet and talk to the beautiful girl, but suddenly you feel inadequate and silly. The girl feels nervous and awkward and so on. You want to talk with your boss about a raise and you know exactly what to say, until you’re in front of him or her and then stupid and forgetfulness sets in and you end up making a mess of the whole thing and so it goes with many situations similar to that. If you think about it, the whole time that inside voice is giving you advice like, who do you think you are talking to her, you will make a fool of yourself again, remember last time 3 years ago when you tried to talk t that other girl. The mind has an extremely good memory when it comes to reminding you about bad experiences where you got embarrassed or made a fool of yourself. When it comes to  other things like Weight Loss it will give you a full timetable exact t the minute on how you failed last time and everyone laughed at you. This conversation is what destroys self-esteem faster than any other things even an negative comment from an authority figure.

Ultimately you will need to break free from the “Dragon” or Devil within, but to do that is extreme difficult on your own. For anyone who has tried and failed to give up smoking, it like this if you really need a cigarette, no one wants to share you one, but if you try to give up then suddenly every Tom , Dick and Harry offers you cigarettes at all time. So if you want to save money on food, drinks or cigarettes, simply tell all your friends that you are giving it up. For assistance with these and other issues connect with me and lets talk about how to best get started with your program to set yourself free in 2016, Call me now,  I look forward to hearing from you.

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