Baby Boomers

Q: Are You a Baby Boomer or

Do You Just Feel Old Already?

Q; Are You Ready For The Good Life or Do You Just Want To Die In Peace?

Baby Boomers, Why are you here?  Why did you come on this planet? Did you have a reason, a dream or a passion? Were YOU just you’re a mistake by your parents or was there some intention for you being here on earth?

What have you done with your life? Were you a success or a failure (in your own eyes?) Are you finished now? Are you done, laid up or ready to depart?

If YOU are still here, what is the quality of your life?

Are you happy, have all the money you can spend? Lots of travel to exotic and beautiful countries?

Do YOU have wonderful and rewarding relationships?

      Live in the place of your dreams?                  Drive the car you’ve always wanted?

Having fun with your friends?



Making The Most Of Life?



Are you lonely?                Feel like you missed the boat?

Feel like life is one long session of morning and evenings?


Do you live in a crappy home  

I’ve had enough! …………………  Show me the Money

or drive the car of your nightmares and never go anywhere?




Are Your relationships less than perfect



             Is’t it time to say, enough is enough?


 Are you always short of cash?                 Show me the Money, NOW!


Which One Are YOU?

It doesn’t really matter!

What does is how much life there is left in you and are you prepared to do something with it? If you are and you are really serious about making your second half of your life count for something, then I can maybe help you.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Nick Struan and I’m a life coach.

What is a Life Coach, you ask? It’s like having the friend you’ve always wanted! Someone who knows you very well and still likes you. An impartial person, able to guide you in your quest to experience a healthy and rewarding life.


But, You say, “I already know how to live my life, I don’t need some busybody to come and tell me how to live my life and you even expect me to pay for it! You must be joking! I am good and great, my life sings and I’m doing alright. Thank you very much! Gee, What nerve, to try to tell me I don’t have a life!”

Well, it really sounds like you’ve got it made and you’re totally right, YOU don’t need ME, enough said!

But, if you don’t feel like that and you sit in your home wondering what will become of You or You go to work every day thinking “IS THIS IT?” Life is just slipping me by. I’m just getting older and weaker! My life is Dull, Colorless and Boring then I encourage you to reach out to us.    We can help you,

Guaranteed!       Meet My Associates   HERE


You’re in control!

What will happen from here,  all depends on you, but basically we would schedule a time to talk using Skype or just using the telephone and we
would talk about you and your life. During that time we would discuss several strategies that would benefit you and get you on your way to a more perhaps interesting and rewarding future.

Why could you not have your very own successful online business, make some serious money and enjoy your life?

You can still learn right? , You still have a brain, Right?

You will be surprised to find what you can really do, with a little help from your friends   Here

If you feel that our meeting was a rewarding one and that you would like to continue with me, we can at that discuss to what extend you would like my input. e.g. weekly or monthly.  It’s really up to you! You’re in total control and no one is going to try to talk you into doing anything, you don’t want to do!

You Are The Master of Your own Faith, Commander of your own ship!

For this to work, of course, YOU must be driving it and become really serious about the change you are trying to get. You must follow the instructions and as you do, you will experience life beginning to change for you and the “sun” will start to come out.

This is when you will know that what you are doing is working for you and it will just be a matter of time become you too will experience the immense joy and happiness that the experience of living is supposed to be like.


Is it all going to be easy? No, far from it, you will need to make changes, and changes are very difficult and sometimes not very pleasant, but if the end result is worth it maybe you don’t mind climbing to the top of your mountain.

The real benefit of having a life coach is that you are never alone.

 Someone is always there climbing alongside you and helping you up, one step at the time.

Such is the journey of a successful life, and you are welcome to purchase my book;

The Book of Life

It features complete instructions and guidance on how to live a successful and rewarding life.


If you find you need more personal attention, because a book, of course, doesn’t know you personally and can only offer a generalized strategy for change, feel free to contact me for immediate personal attention at:

 [email protected]

or leave us a comment below, if you have any questions ok?

I celebrate your life and wish you the very best of a rewarding life.


By  Nick Struan

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