The Book of Life, for Teens

by Nick Struan


The book of life, for Teens,  is a thesis on how you can learn strategies to live a successful and happy life, already now as a teenager or young adult.

Why wait until you are thirty something before you realize that you could have made a real difference in your life and that you could have enjoyed your life in so many ways, different to, what you are bound to experience if you follow the traditional teachings currently available to you from normal sources.

Ever since I can remember, I have had the feeling of something going on and always being annoyed, about why I could not seem to get things right in my life. Other young people of similar ages, just seemed to flow through life, but for me life was always so tough.

Have you ever had that feeling?

It was not until later in my life that I started to discover the secrets which had  previously been hidden from me and I remember a surge of feelings of annoyance and anger almost overwhelming me.

 How could this have stayed hidden from?

Why did I have to have wasted most of my life, by having to wait to discover the truth about life?  Why could I not have been presented with a set of instruction early on in life to make me understand what was going on.

For instance , what’s all this foolishness going on with all the stupid rules and regulation, that serves absolutely no one. What about drinking and smoking, going to parties and getting drunk.

Schools and the outdated curriculums and what about the social interaction and the obsessiveness about being right, when very few in fact know what they are doing.

These learning or this knowledge has been available to mankind for centuries and I got to wonder why no one is already doing and why today we continue to foster this kind of culture among ourselves.

One of my learned mentors, the late Stuart Wilde, gave me this advice once; “Try not to infringe on people’s own evolution as you have no idea where they are and what is good for them right now”.

In more plain words, don’t always think you know best and try to change people, because you really have no idea what people need, at this time in their lives. In fact, don’t try to impress yourself on other.

The only time advice is warranted is if they ask for your advice or in an emergency. This good advice is very difficult because when you see someone in trouble, you naturally want to help them.

If however you start to notice that when you offer your “solution” to their problems,  it’s never welcomed anyway. Why do you think, that is?

I believe mainly because people are not really seeking the solution, they’re just airing their frustration.

So you are much better off,  just leaving people to their own solutions unless off course, they ask you specifically. However , you are truly justified if you see something potentially dangerous, to say, “Hey, look what you are doing right now could see you fall of the building or put other people’s lives at risk”

So I decided to make available “The Book Of Life, for Teens” (Instructions on how to have a successful life), to young people in the hope that they, themselves (if they feel the need) will get the knowledge and choose to apply them to their lives.

Don’t expect help from your parents as most do not have the answers to today’s ways of living and the difficulties facing you in this new digital economy.

Even less so, do they have the knowledge to teach it to you, as they themselves have not had access to this material or any knowledge about its existence.

Most parent will still tell you, “to get a good education and find a good job”, so whilst this may have been the solution when they were your age (It wasn’t really, even then),  in today living, it’s just not correct!

The “Book of Life, for Teens” is currently out of press and not available, however if you like to own a copy or if you are interested in discussing your particular situation, feel free to contact me here;

[email protected]





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