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The Power of Habits

Obviously there could be some serious problem with the managerial skills, or as in the case of the restaurant a technical detail (the servings were too great) could be to blame. However nine times out of ten the fault lies in our paradigm, and so what is a paradigm?

Is a collection of habits that work like a computer program which controls our every feeling and action. Try to imagine, you were programming a robot and you have to install a program that would govern its movements and actions.

Of course the more simple ones are easier, like “walk forward” or “Sit down”, but much more complex ones like feelings and emotions represents a real challenge.

he we have others like eating too much, drinking or smoking, again undesirable habits that a serious programmer would never think about including in and self-respecting robot’s program. Nevertheless, we have so many habits and believe it or not, most of these are not even our own, but comes from our parents, family or authoritarians involved in our lives.

Like maybe your priest in some moment told you to fear the devil, as in fact the devil was ever a real person or that the good lord would “strike You Down” if you ever behaved in a certain manner. Again all silly habit which has no place in our minds, but which governs millions of people worldwide.

So ok our habit prevents us from make a success of ourselves, by literally forcing us to behave a certain way. Can’t believe it? Just look at someone who is overweight and trying to lose weight or someone giving up smoking. Breaking these habit are probably the most difficult things to break and our self-destructing programs of other bad habit are no different.

So how do we break or change our “BAD” habit, by using the same way we were actually programmed in the first place. Repartition is the key word here. For any habit to stay with us it must be done again and again until eventually it becomes part of us and then runs on automatic.

A good example is from learning the habit of brushing your teeth. It was initially not easy to do as a little child and maybe mummy had to help you at first, but eventually you learned to do it a certain way and you did it enough time until one day the subconscious mind took over the action, made a program and from then on it was all done automatically without you having to think about at all.

To change something or to install a new habit you must utilize the same way. Repeat, repeat and repeat some more until the subconscious makes a program and you no longer need to use your will to guide it.

So let’s say that you wake up every morning feeling unhappy or depressed, then start immediately the night before telling yourself that tomorrow morning you wake up feeling great, with a good feeling in your heart and a smile on your face.

In the morning, the moment you wake, start immediately feeling this way, use your will and your self-talk to get you on your way. Say to yourself phrases like,   I feel great, I love myself and today I chose to be happy or similar. (We have a wonderful recording available for you for free, if you care to contact me)

Keep doing this on a repetitive ( remember repartition, doing the same thing again and again ) basis every day, until one day you start to notice that you just naturally wake up feeling happy and full of energy. Congratulation you have now installed a new and healthy program into you mind.

Now getting rid of deep seated negative programs is not that simple and requires assistance and guidance from a coach, like myself. Feel free to contact me for session details.

Email me to: [email protected]  or sign up for my subscription program online, which is very inexpensive and offers great support from articles and members forums.

So where do you start! Simply by trying to notice the habits you want to get rid of and listing them in a notebook. You must know exactly which habits to want to work with and how they “feel” to you. After that simply start your re-programming, utilizing the techniques I outlined previously and soon you will be enjoying a new life of happiness and adventure.

by Nick Struan

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