How to more effective in life,

Discipline Yourself or Life will do it for you!


To be effective in life, which is a trait that must be developed if you are going to have any measure of success, one must be somewhat organized. Now please don’t confuse the word “Discipline “with the militaristic” Do as you’re told, Soldier!”

Discipline is simply the ability to decide on a future action and committing to that action until it has been achieved. In other words you must be able to apply your will power (if necessary) to get the task completed.

Successful people don’t do what they feel like doing , they do what has to be done, no matter what. Imagine an athlete in training for the Olympics, going for the scheduled run in the morning, looking out the window going, oh its looks very rainy out there and cold, I think I will skip this morning run and have another sleep!

To become successful doesn’t mean that you have to work like an idiot and throw hundreds of hours toward your project, it simply mean to have a definiteness of purpose backed by definite plans on how to achieve it. You don’t even have to know how to actually get the whole way, just follow your nose so to speak.

Neither Tesla or Edison knew exactly how to do half the stuff they did before completing their projects, and what about the Wright brothers they were bicycle mechanics before inventing a flying machine.

They had no idea about how to make airplanes and at the time some had tried already and failed. People had died trying. Can you imagine them coming home to Ma ( Their mother ) and she’s asking

“What did you do today? ” and them answering, saying “Just working on an flying machine Ma”

But they had a vision and so the Henry Ford, his noisy prototype needed testing in the middle of the night and out in the country until the “car” was actually working, because people accused him for being a crazy man.

Sir Edmond Hillary from New Zealand was not a Mountain Climber, before deciding to climb the highest mountain in the world. He had absolutely no idea, no one had ever succeeded before and people again had died trying and many was still there trapped in the ice.

The point here is that you don’t have to know everything about your project before starting out, as you become involved your awareness will change and you will find a way to do it. And so before you know it, you will look back and saying “Wow, Did I actually do that!”

Your focus should be on your goals or dream that you want to achieve and many people you does this focuses on the wrong dream and therefore never succeed. Your goal or dream must be “Worth the effort” an as it’s been said “Reach for the moon, if you should not succeed you are already in the stars.” So aim high.

By the wrong dream I mean something you know already that you could, if you really wanted, do or have. You must think big, like the Wrights brothers, or Tesla and go for something “out of this world” so to speak, something big enough to demand your full attention. These sorts or goal or dreams carries with it the motivation and excitement to fuel your actions for a long time.

A small dream carries only little excitement and motivation. However if you have never done anything before in your life you should start there, to actually prove to yourself that you can achieve something you didn’t think possible. However having said that, the process remains the same, so why not go for the bigger dream first anyway?

You must however be really focused about what you want in every detail. Definiteness of purpose is so crucial. Imagine you sending an order to Amazon warehouse, saying send me something. Of course someone would want to know “What do you want?” Then you say “oh, I actually wanted a bike”.

Would they not be wanting to know from you, what type of bike? What color? What height and all other relevant details of your purchase? Of course they would, or they would not be able to ship it. So you must gather all the relevant details of what you want, describe it clearly, see it in your mind’s eye and dream about it in your mind as often as you can, and as if you already have it.

Use all your emotions to color it and make it as real as you possible can. She yourself riding the bike and how happy you are. If you have children, see you children riding the bike with you and how happy they also are. Fell the warm and sunny days, smell the flowers fragrance in the air, as your ride down the road.

Now please remember, at first this may be difficult to dream like that, because we have had it all knocked out of us, but if you persevere you will be an expert in it and can use it for some many other dreams and goals you want to achieve. So get very good at it, it’s a wonderful process and a very enjoyable and prosperous past-time.

Remember this is not some foreign magic, you already do this, just not for long enough most of the time. Think back in time to when you were in school and you fell in love with that someone very special and you couldn’t get them out of your mind. You pictured being with them “as if it was real and as if it was happening right now”. This is the exact same process for everything else you want, you just need to carry this “Imagining on for much longer and it will eventually become a reality in your life”

But be careful what you wish for, You may just get it!

Do Not spend any time watching bad or negative TV, listening to or seeing things which may affect your mind in a bad way. Some people just love talking about sickness and how bad they feel;  Get away from these people immediately or tell them to please, “shut up”!

Remember the eternal truth: You get what you think about mostly every day and you become like the people you associate with mostly unless you are determined to not let that happened.

If you are not a smoker, but associate with other smokers, one day you will smoke also! If you hang out with people with no dreams or goals, You will also loose yours and become like them.

So Guard your mind and work your dreams! Go For It!


By Nick Struan

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