Expect The Very Best!

Is That All – I just Give and Then I Get?


Yes, Well not quite – There are a few step that we must observe in this whole process and all depending on who you are and your age, the outcome however will be determined how well you can imagine things coming to you.

Firstly expect the very best, imagine it in your mind as if you already have it and put all your emotions to work. Imagine how it “Feels” to have it, drive it, use it, be it or do it”. Whatever your goal is.

To plant the seed firmly into your subconscious mind you must really nurture it, just like if you can imagine giving birth to a newborn baby. Remember it must be imagined as already being in your possession, so make it as real as you can using all your senses.

Let me give you an example: Imagine you just have brought home the most adorable little puppy dog. You have been wanting it for month and now finally it’s here in your home. Imagine how you would be loving it already in the car on the way home, feeling it soft fur and it licking you in the face and starring into your eyes with those beautiful little eyes that’s says “I’m yours, please look after me”

Imagine bringing it inside your home showing it the new bed you bought for it, though you already know that it will be sleeping with you in the your bed, comfortably snugged in next to you. Smell its clean washed new skin, feel its soft tongue on your nose when it licks you and hold it tight onto your chest feeling its warmth on your skin.

I could go on here, but I think you get the idea, however that’s why I before said that it would also depend on your age, because a younger person has no problem imagining this and feeling it all very real, whereas an older person can sometime really struggle to do this.

I mentioned earlier in a different post how upon entering even kindergarten the teachers starts to dis-courage day dreaming and forces you to “Pay Attention” and by the time you go through high school and enter into the university or trades school, your imagination days are over.

Most all you can imagine now, is the trouble the next dreary day will bring you. So if you are older, you may need to start practicing how to imagine things, Silly games, you may say? Yes absolutely, I agree, but of course it’s a choice if you want to really succeed in life or not.

The Universal Laws are what they are and the way to bring riches and good fortune into your life is set in concrete and the Universe really doesn’t care about your feeling on the subject much like electricity which will light a brothel or a church in the same manner regardless.

So let’s summon up, on our newfound knowledge.

Make a list of everything that you want to be ,do or have. See which one’s you really want right now and start to daydream about it by imagining yourself to be ,do or have the dream or goal already in your possession. Imagine it so real that you can actually almost feel it, taste it, hear it, touch it and see it front of your eyes.

Be aware however when you start doing this, all depending on your age and your ability to dream or imagining things, it will appear very unreal and you’ll need perhaps to engage your friend “will power” until it become more natural. Remember this: Any lie you tell yourself often enough will eventually become the truth in your mind and so because nature is duel, any truth that you constantly repeat to your subconscious will one day also become reality!

The subconscious has no ability to judge or tell whether what you say it the truth or not. It is an obedient servant and will simply take your instruction on good faith and deliver. This is the reason many very bad criminals are able to justify their actions. They deep down believe that they are serving a good course with their action and they tell themselves that often enough until the subconscious mind takes it in and makes it reality.

Remember the Universe will deliver whatever you want, the Good or the Bad, so the choice is yours to make, as to what is more important to you. By the Law Of Attraction, you will start to attract, like you always have, whatever is the most dominant thoughts in your mind at this time.

If you don’t like your reality simple decide what you want instead and start confessing that. Keep saying it as it was already here, believe it and imagine it constantly everyday, and one day it will form part of your new reality.

But beware, this is serious stuff, even if you don’t believe it. This power can heal your body and bring you untold riches or make you terrible ill and even kill you, make no mistake about it!


By Nick Struan

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