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To Get You MUST Give and You MUST Give First!

People who seek wealth and fame generally start out with a certain dream or goal that they want to reach. They then proceed to do some form of activity to set up a marketing campaign.

In most cases people start out with little or no capital and are reluctant to spend it on marketing for the fear of losing it and having nothing to show for it. As a real life example from my own experience, I recall spending weeks on designing some Cinema advertising that cost more than $1500 ( a large amount of money in its day), only to attract one customer.

Also the fear of losing the precious capital in the first instance and having no more with which to continue any further promotion, stops people from spending the money. Any venture relies on exposure to the market and without it no one would know you exist and therefore has no way of buying from you.

With the emergence of the Internet, this Marketing ploy has changed somewhat by offering an choice of time and money. You can do your own marketing, at a cost in time, of course or you may opt to use paid advertising. Whatever method you chose to use, the result remains the same.

Your message must get to people, so they can act on it, by giving you money. Many people are so active doing business thinking that the money somehow will show from magical sources and that they don’t have to interact with the people at all.

Though this can be partially true, like in the case of an author who writes a book and deals only with their publisher in contrast to a salesman who’s everyday job involves dealing with and selling to the people.

No one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy. Most people don’t like to sell, as they for some reason thinks that they are inconveniencing their friends by forcing products or services down their throats. The funny thing is that it really only depends on time or opportunity for those same people who feels inconvenienced, to really want to have your products or service.

Like someone who resists for years buying a health insurance, suddenly gets sick and desperately wanting to buy one from you now. Their car breaks down and now they are really interested in getting a new one. So what we can determine is that everyone at some point are looking to buy whatever it is you’re selling and we call this time, “the window of opportunity”

You have tried for month to interest a girlfriend of yours to buy from you a cream that removes ache (pimples) from their skin, and no no, she would not hear you out or even look at your product, but one morning a big zit (pimple) appears on her nose and wham her focus suddenly change, Her “Window of opportunity opens” and she will hunt you down, for that very same cream, you couldn’t “give” her before and now, money is no object, she is prepared to pay whatever you ask, within reason.

So this is where selling to others becomes so very easy, if you do it right! Once you find these people in their windows of opportunity, they will really appreciate you and what you are doing for them. Always remember that! “People Don’t like to be Sold, They Like to Buy”

So what? You are saying that I need to learn to sell something? Me? Yes, money come from the people and one way or another we all sell every day. If you work for someone you trade (sell) you time for money. They pay you for what you sell, your time, if you are an independent business owner, you sell your products or services or if you are an author, musician, artist etc. You are selling your talents or your books.

We all sell! I am selling you information and knowledge in the hope that you will realize that to make money from other people you must gain a skill that is valuable to others, so valuable that they will pay your for it!

ost young people coming from school never realizes that and they enter the adult world totally un-prepared with their only skill is that of copy and paste. With this they start their new life or new job. Their self-esteem are shattered when they realize that they really have nothing from their many years in school that will actually work or are valuable to anyone. Many young people simply never recover from this rude awakening and many turns to drugs, prostitution or crime in order to escape the money trap and to keep themselves alive.

Briefly I will explain about the money Trap, however this will be covered in another chapter. When a young person enters the adult worlds, they start immediately occurring expenses (getting bills) from a variety of sources, starting with their mobile phone, which young people rarely can afford to pay cash for, so they choose a payment plan of which they pay absorbent interest rates, the loads or credits they use, cost them a fortune also. Then comes clothing, transport, further school fees, health care and so on. So remember here, they have no valuable skills to offer society, so what can they do other than “steals, beg or borrow” their way into a life that was supposed to be the most exciting time in their new lives. Sad really, don’t you think!

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