Young People are exposed to lies and deceptions!


Guys, you have been lied too, by your well-meaning parents, by your teachers and by the entire society at large. Most of your life is lived out of a soap box opera and the reality so hidden from you. But no more! Its time you and I had a little hart to hart about life.


You parents are not meaning to tell you porkies, but they simply don’t know themselves and they are so busy caring for you, that they simply have no time to find out for themselves what the reality really is.


They too  have bought into the lies themselves and therefore knows no different and believe they are doing the best for you.


The religious people will tell you that the “Truth Will Set You Free” yet the neglect to inform you that they lie all the time in the name of religion.  You are being taught exactly what they want you to know, so that you will follow their path to righteousness.  Pure drivel !


What do you want for yourself in your life and I mean you. Not your parent, not your mates, but YOU. Yes, little old you. Do you want to get a good job, work like an idiot from nine to five and retire broke? 98 percent of people do that, you know? Do believe me then check the statistics from anywhere in the world. Only 5% makes more than $50.000 per year.


Shocking? Yes, damn right it is. WHY? Because you come out of school ready to fight for your future, but people lie to you, like they lied to me so many years ago and have done so to millions of people for so many years.


When I first got started in business, I would ask shop owners, people that I met, how their business was going? The answer was always the same, “Great or Fantastic” and I wanted so much to become one of them. For me to have a shop somewhere selling stuff that you really liked yourself was utopia.


I was later to discover that most shop owner makes less money than a checkout chic at the supermarket. Of course I am generalizing here, as later when franchising was introduced some people actually started to make some serious money, but always at the cost of their own time.


You see, it’s not enough to just have a lot of money in life, you also should have the time to enjoy it yes? Take a McDonalds franchise for instance, you don’t own the building you only lease it and you must spend most of all your time there. A McDonalds franchise now cost more than a million dollars to buy and if fact is that you are just buying a job for yourself 24/7.


Granted most operators will become millionaires, however most end up spending their whole life flipping burgers. Is that what you want for yourself?

I didn’t think so! You are here for a reason and not just a fill in, right?


Your life was meant to be an adventure of fun and happiness, yet most teenagers or young adults end up spending years in turmoil fighting the whole world, because you don’t understand the system and therefore can’t play the game.


How can you play the game on an even footing, when everyone is lying to you!  Chances are that your school’s curriculum is so outdated, some by as much as twenty years.


Your teacher are not upskilled in their various subject and treat PD days as R&R, as a joke, and you are being judged on this fantastic conspiracy of a memory game, that does little or nothing to give you a fair chance to prove what you really can do.


I have been teaching for more than 20 years in  an varying capacity and I for one is feed up with the shocking immorality and hypocritical behavior of both parents, school teachers, professionals and authorities.


It has always been my quest to help young people to learn how to fast track their futures and to show you how you actually can make it, and become successful in life.


However before the internet it has been very difficult to offer anything worthwhile, because traditional business is so securely dominated by self-serving authoritarians, who would rather die than to see any of you succeed.


Now, you may offer some protest here, and hang on there, Champ!  You are so full of shit! How do I know you are telling the truth?  So before judging me, than ask yourself, how many accountants are rich people?


These are the people you take your bookkeeping to, to ask their advice on financial planning. Shouldn’t they know how to make money? Most accountants are poor and in debt.


Surely the doctors and they lawyers are raking in the dough?  (8% of doctors wants to leave their profession (if they could)  Most doctors earns less than $100000 and is under constant pressure of being sued or someone dying on them.


Do I need to go on? As I said before, you have been lied to and if you engage in some serious research, you will very quickly realize that it’s the truth that I’m telling you.


So what to do about it?  Well, the first step for an alcoholic is to realize that they are one’. So with you too, you must understand that thing are not what they seem and if you are to go into battle for your future you need to know what you are up again and also have a mentor who can guide you through the minefields.


There’s a saying, that goes. “The best way through a minefield , is in the footstep of someone else”, so you first step is to find that person who can guide you. A word of warning though, make sure the person you contact actually has the runs on the board and really does know what they are talking about.


Please do also remember that “Birds of a feather, flock together”, so forget about seeking advice in your own neighborhood unless you already are rich, because chances are that none of the people you know, are going to be able to help you. The poor can’t teach the poor how to become rich.


Secondly, don’t waste other people time. If you are halfhearted about becoming successful, just stay as you are and follow the system, it will guide you to just work for the rest of your life in an reasonable secure environment and a somewhat predictable life.


However if you go to sleep tonight after having read my article and you can fall asleep, because you sense that I’m right and that you actually had a feeling about this all along, then contact me for a casual chat and let me guide you on your way.


Its FREE and won’t cost you a cent, other than maybe a cup of coffee, if you live nearby ( full disclosure ha ha) and we can discuss your particular circumstance and I could perhaps offer you some direction to follow.

You are welcome to email me to; [email protected] for further information.


By Nick Struan

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