What Do I need To Do, To Get MY Dreams?


I’m often asked, “What do I need to do, to get what I want?”

Here it is!

Follow these simple steps and all your dreams will take form and start to invade your life.

Simple steps, like 1-2-3

  1. Know what you want (The reason Why is the motivation for doing an action)
  2. Have a definite plan for carrying out your mission
  3. Render a service (Remember You Must give to receive and you must give first)
  4. Smile a Lot and expect it to be on its way! (Faith)

Ok, So we determine what we want, and by when. (You must set a definite date.)

The we have to look at, how you are going to effect the market place so people will give you some money?

What value does you hold? Here many people give up already as they think they have little or no commercial value, which is not only incorrect, but downright wrong.

Every human being , regardless of age has something they can contribute to the marketplace in one way of the other. Only, what’s needs to be decided is what form your activity will take and you better like it, as you will be doing it for a while. It is so much easier if you really liked doing, whatever it is.

We look of course at existing skills, to see if we can up-skill and thereby create a higher commercial value that people will pay for or if we need to change circumstances altogether and begin to learn a completely new activity, that will provide the income needed for your future life.

Developing and creating your own product is by far the most lucrative (Get most money from) way of easily getting yourself into the market place and the most exciting thing is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time studying or learning many new skills.

And anyone, can do this, young or old, there no limit. If a 10 years old child had a good product that is in demand, people do not care where they buy it from, would you?

Can’t develop a product by yourself? No problem there are many ways of doing this, by actually partnering with other people, say someone is really good at writing children’s stories. You simply get them to write the stories and you market them and you share the money from the sales.

Many very creative people love to do something and they are very good at it and so all you need to do is to find someone like that and make them a reasonably offer and you suddenly have a product to sell in the marketplace.

There are also many people who has already created a product and listed if on the marketplace and all you need to do is to help them promote it and you will get paid a commission for doing that.

Learning how to promote something online need to be learned, however a small amount of study to gain a lifetime of abundance and happiness, seems a small price to pay.

A real Life Story that demonstrated how this will work for you also, my friend and mentor, Bob lives in America and when he was 26 a friend suggested that he clean up and start to make something of himself.

He gave him a book called “Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill and told him to start reading it and applying the principles in this book upon his own life.

Bob followed the simply steps described and his dreams was to get $ 25000 by a date 12 month away. He didn’t believe in the process and gave himself plenty of time to attract the riches.

The book also told him, just like what I have suggested you to do, to get some activity that was in demand and people were prepared to pay money for, so Bob decided to wash floors in offices.

Now Bob was already working a job, as a firefighter, but decided to try this on in his spare time to see what he could do.

After getting started with washing office floors his business suddenly took off like a rocket and his income went from $4000 per year, to over $175000 in his first 12 month and then well over $ 1.000.000 the next year.

Had Bob ever cleaned office floors before? Did he have any contacts in this industry? No he didn’t. He studied a little, borrowed some money from a friend for the cleaning tools and machines and started advertising.

He first got one job that paid him $ 30.00 per month, then another and soon he had businesses all over America, Canada and in London (England).

You see its not what you do, its how you do it and I can teach you how, but I cannot teach anyone WHY. You must find a reason for yourself Why you want to have a better life, more income or whatever that may motivate you to do something extra.

However if you can do that and “If Your Dream is big enough, the facts won’t count” and you too can enjoy a happy and healthy new lifestyle, just like Bob did and has been enjoying now for more that 30 years.

By Nick Struan


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