Is there a special way (a science) of getting what you want, or is it a hit or miss thing?

You might have asked yourself this question before and never got an answer. Now, however we are going to look at one of the most exciting Universal laws: “The Law of Giving and Receiving”

Lets first establish to presence of the Universal Natural laws. The law of gravity for instance that “What goes up, must come down”.

This law which most people are familiar with, is not a law that work sometimes and other times not. No, It works everyday, every month and all year around.

So the laws that we discuss here are also laws  that helps govern our daily lives, that works everyday 365 days per year ok.

Getting Rich

People don’t get rich, by doing certain things, the get rich by doing things a certain way.  So similar to the law of gravity the law of giving most also be observed to be useful.

You may see now why so few people fail to become successful as they violate this one law by their own pettiness. To be getting you must be giving and you must give first in order to receive later.

There a well know story, where a man, having a conversation with his fireplace says: “Give me Fire” and the fireplace responds with , “You give me Wood and I will give you Fire”

Many people are most concerned about themselves and therefore do not understand that to get,  one must be a giver.

The poor says, but I have no money and nothing to give, but this is again not true because the Universe does not require you to give only money.

Money is only one form of energy, you may give of time, knowledge, love, even smiling at someone is a transfer of energy.

We also have to look at the intentions of how we give, because if we only give in order to get something back it again violate the law and nothing shows up.

Our intention to give must be a focus on really giving  and serving others.

You must give freely and have no mind to what you will receive and when. It doesn’t quite work like a 7/11 store , where to give and get at the same time, here you may give now and later receive in a different place.

Also it helps if you are very specific about what it is that you want, say similar to an Amazon order. If you just order a pair of shoes, the computer which doesn’t care about you or your order, just sends you any kind of shoes.

So you must be very specific about what you order, say like this: I’m so happy and grateful now that I have my pink shoes, with the high 100 millimeter heels in the size 10. It has the black 20 millimeter strap and the beautiful glossy look.

If you are searching for a soul mate, its not enough to ask for love and the Universe will probably deliver you a very nice loving elephant sitting waiting outside your door. Remember be specific!

The Order Of Things!

So firstly we must decide on what we want, in fact I recommend that you make a long list of everything you want to be, do or have. Then make priorities on what’s most important now and then start to affirm that.

Secondly, decide what you are going to give and in what fashion. If you are not comfortable with dealing with people directly, you may want to learn how to do an eBook (How Can I Make Money from eBooks) which you can sell online and make money from. This is also giving, you’re  giving information, even if you make money from it, its still giving with the right intentions.

Then just start giving and affirm your wishes everyday, and soon you will see your entire world will change and one day somewhere, somehow , your order will be delivered.  Not maybe, not If this or that, No with 100 % certainty, Why?

Because it’s a law!

“The Law of Giving and Receiving.


“By Nick Struan

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