I Should Know Better!


Extracts from ” The Book Of Life ” , for Families,  (Instruction For Successful Living)

My Farther is an avid smoker who, like so many other people, is trying to give up smoking. He knows is bad for him, he even looks at the pictures on the cigarette pack showing graphic images off what effects smoking has on his body, Including gangrene (cardiovascular disease (heart, stroke and blood vessel disease). and being unable to breathe (Emphysema)

Active smoking causes respiratory symptoms in adults, teenagers and children, including coughing, phlegm, wheezing and dyspnea (difficulty breathing and shortness of breath). These symptoms are associated with a number of acute and chronic respiratory illnesses. They may also indicate underlying lung injury and disease.

My Mother on the other hand are struggling with weight loss. She eats like a bird and take so much care about what she eats yet every time she goes to be weighed in at her local weight watchers club she has either put on 500 grams or lost 500 grams.

Both my parents are heard to be saying so many time, “This is it, tomorrow I am going to change my ways, either give up smoking as in the case of my Farther or Stop eating too much as my Mother believes is the cause of her weight problem.

Many young teenagers in school with bad marks are hoping that the next exam will reflect a different result than all the other exams that was so humiliating. They know they could do better, yet they do not know how.

Many sales people or business owners who are in search of increased profits and a better lifestyle, also despair over why it’s not happening. They believe that if they want more they have to work harder (Guess who spread that rumor?) ( The boss who employed him)

Many parents of teenagers in school, forces their kids to study more and longer in the belief that it will change the result of the kids next exam, by getting better marks. They make their kids sit down, repeat and memorize the answers to every question, they may come across during their exam. Though it may help momentarily (for that moment) soon the teen will be right back again to face the same miserable results and even more loss of self-esteem.

After reading this I’m sure you will realize that you too have been trying for a different result in many things all your life, and that it did not work.

There a two totally unique reasons for these strange behaviors, that has people knows they need to change “something”, yet cannot make it happen. You already know better, and yet you still don’t do it, WHY?

You already know you need to change your ways, and you already know what you want it to change too, and yet you don’t do it! WHY?

My farther knows he must stop himself from lighting another cigarette. My mother knows she must stop herself from eating too much food, and yet even when she does that, with sheer willpower, she still puts on more weight again. The teenagers that struggle to please their parents and make themselves succeed in getting better marks, still remains a B average student.

Even You who wants to succeed financially and make more money, know that you have to do more and yet you can’t get yourself to do it. You even know, that your future depends on how well you do financially and yet, you do, what you need to do to change, for one week maybe two and then , give up!

Worse still, every time you force yourself to do something to change and fail, you will condemn (blame) yourself continually and remind yourself how weak you are and what a failure you always have been.   To Be Continued…………………….

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