Did you know that only “one” person in every ten thousand, tries to do something for a third time after having failed twice? Have you also noticed that only very few actually does something, I mean, other than doing what every other person is doing. Very few people are original thinkers and as such just tries to do what everyone else are already doing.

I am particular impressed when young people actually does something, because both the religions and the schools conspire to stop this from happening. In olden days a real lady for instant, was just meant to sit around and look pretty, which of course meant that if your hands showed any signs of physical labor, you would quickly be found out and be thrown out from the higher societies, as a fraudulent woman, imposing as an aristocrat (rich person)

And for other person (the poor) there was little sayings that prevented them from even trying to better themselves. It was to remind people who felt encouraged to have individual thinking from doing so and reminded such person to remain in their position. So if you were a lowly worker, you should not aspire to become an office worker say. It was a little less obvious than the “cast system” of India, yet basically the same.

So, why don’t people now in the free world of today, grab the chance to do something for themselves and their families? A few reason! Number One, the big one: Fear of failure ( so many millions of people are kept in slavery around the world for the effect of these three little words. The scariness of trying to do something new or different stops them from doing anything for the fear that, if they don’t succeed, other people will laugh at them and ridicule them. (It’s so easy to ridicule, criticize and condemn and most fools do)

Already in our upbringing, unfortunately by our own parents and religious leaders we are given little encouragement to believe in our own capabilities. Why is that by the way? Does our well-meaning parents, religious leaders, even our kindergarten teachers conspire to ruin our self-esteem and stop us from thinking as an individual? In truth YES!   Wow, why is that?

At this point I want you to stop and think about that, why would they not be interested in us succeeding in life. Hey they brought us in to the world and now, so it seems, they want us to remain silly, ignorant and needy for the rest of our lives? I thought they loved me? They kept telling me that they loved me and that God loves me too and want the very best for me. The kindergarten teachers and the preschools teacher, my God are they all in conspiracy to stop me from reaching my true potential, even keep me poor and unhappy for the rest of my life? Again the answer is Yes, but why?

Please have a think about it and we shall continue the investigation into this problem in Part 3!

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