Why Do Everybody Conspire To Hurt My Future Efforts?


Answer: Because They Don’t Know Any Better.


Jesus is renowned for his saying, “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do!”

There are several reason for this, and so let explore some of those, of course it has a lot to do with what position your parents are in financially at this time, because it guides everything in regards to the kindergarten your kids attend , to the schools or universities they end up at. Basically however it makes no difference, the message is the same everywhere, except if you are born of parents, who have taken control of their own thinking.

The poor, can’t teach the poor, so the world you now live in and the environment that you belong too, hasn’t got the answers you may be seeking. Why? Because “birds of a feather flocks together” so poor people always hangs out with pour people, so as “Misery loves company” negative and depressed people” hangs out with likeminded people, people who “understands” them.

So the answers you seek, cannot be found anywhere near you and your immediate surroundings. So too with your parents, the religious leaders and your school teachers. I always looked upon my teachers with awe thinking they were so wise and knew everything, until I realized that they too, in fact, know very little about anything and spend if any, very little time, learning about how to manage yourself.

Most teachers are broke or in debt and rarely able to offer any relevant advice even to a preschooler about how to live a successful life. Yet these are the very people that we turn to for advice and guidance on how we should live our lives.

Our own parents has be downloaded a program from their parents who got it from their parent and so on, and rarely does anyone stop to think if the material they are teaching is still relevant today. And the message is; “We have always done it this way and it was good enough for me, therefore it must also be good enough for my children.

Can you see the dangers in this? The same message coming from a belief pattern that is maybe over 100 years old, is still being taught to you, the child of someone, someone who really loves you and really want the very best for you, but “Do Not Know What They Do

Our religious leaders, who blindly follow a way of teaching, that is meant to enslave the very young into a life of servitude (serving the lord) which by the way, really does not require you to be subservient to him in anyway.

The servitude bit is a man-made thing meant to keep you in control. The going to church every Sunday and “serving the lord”, that so many people struggle with and feel so bad about if they don’t attend, is not real!

It’s made by man “by the churches” to get you all together and to gain control over you. God ( The Universe) does not require you to go to a certain place to hang out and sing songs for the betterment of you or any others, so if you are feeling bad for not attending? Forget it, relax and put your feet up.

The Catholic church, which teaches “that people must live in poverty and be humble” is the world’s largest Real Estate holding company, and owns billions upon billions of dollars of assets and wealth, yet teaches poverty to its followers. All is not what can be seen!

Ok then for now let’s look at what we need to do to change our circumstances and the first step you will need to do is to write down a list of everything you have ever wanted to be, do or have. This is the fuel for all your achievement, yet to come.

Write down what you want, everything and some will stand out as more important and urgent goal than the others and we will work with those first.

You can keep adding to this list or take some, no longer relevant, goals of this list. Keep it growing and up to date.

Next step is to make a definite plan for its achievement and decide what you will do in return for these goals. Remember there is no such thing as something for nothing and we have to learn that giving always precedes getting. You must learn to give in order to get, and you MUST give first.

So in the next part, we will look at what we need to give and how we can best do that. This is another Universal Law, The Law of Returns. We will explore this to in the next chapter, Part 4

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