What is a Life Coach? and  why Do I Need One?

Life Coach Nick says:  The answer is simple, maybe you don’t. if you came here to the page, purely out off curiosity and your life is everything you ever wanted it to be. Then maybe you don’t need what I am offering and you may hang around if you choose or just head off at your pleasure.

Its really impossible to steer a parked car and similar its not possible to help you if you don’t need my help. We are not selling ice to the Eskimo’s here. However if you like many millions of other people are wondering whats going on in your life and why you life is not working and you have many questions and very few answers. Then maybe we should talk, right?

How do you know if your life is not what you wanted? Simple, you won’t be feeling good or at least you will have moments in your life, where you find yourself sinking deep into self pity and maybe even deep depression,  that may be hard to drag yourself out off.

It could be stirred when you look at other people and you realize that they seem to have a life, much better than yours, or they may do or have things in life which you feel you should be doing or having. Many times when we are working  in our daily lives, we are so busy with everything and so stressed that we barely have time to stop and smell the roses as the saying goes?

Or you’re watching the TV and see beautiful exotic location and you think why don’t I seem to be able to go there and experience that.  Like if you like to play or watch Tennis, wouldn’t it be fantastic to go on the tour and follow the stars around the world? Or Golfers, taking time to go and follow the season?

Maybe its just landing the partner  that you really want or having better relationship with people in general. Maybe starting your own online business and make a heap of cash, to spread around at your leisure.

I hope you get the idea why you might want to have someone in your life that can guide you and save you time and effort getting where you want. Your life is very short relative to your experience and it seem to be no time at all between being young and suddenly feeling older and having the feeling that life slips you past, faster than you can have time to experience it, is a terrible experience.

Your life was suppose to be a celebration of you as an individual creation capable on achieving incredible, amazing experiences along the way. So when you do arrive at old age,  you do so with a peaceful and satisfied memory that says; “I did have a wonderful life and I did and had everything I deserved and my life was a fantastic experience and I have no regrets!”

Don’t waste anymore time, If  ” YOUR”  life is not what you expected and you don’t seem to be able to do , be or have the things in life that makes you really happy and contended, then:

Write to me today at: [email protected] and lets start to talk about what going on in your life or connect with me on Skype ( id: stargazerperth)

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