Receiving Through Giving

This part has many people baffled as they don’t understand the law of reciprocity and they say: YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?

We are all programmed to think that other people will take advantage of us if we give of ourselves and the most popular comment is this: “But I have No Money to give to anyone!”, “I don’t even have enough for myself”

Understand this though that what you give to other should never be a burden on your own life. I actually misunderstood this one when I first became aware of this principle.

My Mentor the late Stuart Wilde in his book said, you must learn not to hold onto anything and so if people come to you and say “I want to borrow your lawnmower” just give it to them. If they want money just give it to them, you can get more yes?

You are “In the Flow” right? So I literally gave away thousands of dollars in money and things, before a correction was made in his books telling me that I should never give away more than you need for yourself.

Apparently many other people than me, had taken this seriously and given away almost everything they had. What Stuart meant to teach was not to hold on to anything as the Universe will provide everything you will ever need.

Whilst this is true, it’s important to note that its really difficult for some to maintain a happy, and healthy attitude if they have nothing, so for them this would cause them to be unhappy and depressed and not able to access the “goodies” from the Universe’s large treasure throve.

Also to give away of yourself, does not prevent you from making a dollar while you are doing this. So an example of giving of yourself is to give time , knowledge or know how away in an eBook that you made and had published online, for instance.

Or for the more physically minded, go to a retirement home and spending time with an elderly person or the hospital perhaps reading books or entertaining a sick child or what have you.

Teaching someone for money is also giving away of yourself, serving someone in a restaurant as parts of your job is also giving of yourself.

However the Law is adamant that you must go out there amongst the people in some way and offer a product or a service in some form or another.

When I was in selling, I read a book which offered me this great knowledge. “Show me a man, who belly to belly tells his story to someone at least 4 times per day and I will show you a man who cannot help, but to become rich”

When I read this, it dawned on me. WOW, so simple really! Have no thought about if the people like or don’t like your products, simply just get the word out somehow four times a day.

Telling you story, your sales pitch to at least four people per day will make you successful, say no more!

Wow, so great and so very simple. So now you need to decide how you are going to “give of yourself” as Napoleon Hill says in his world renowned book; “Think and Grow Rich”

Decide what you are going to give in order to receive what you most desire, as in this world there is no such thing as something for nothing!

Note: If you like the information you receive here and you believe you know someone who could benefit from that, please give of yourself and send the link of the website to them with your personal recommendation. They would love you for it!, Thank you

If you’re not sure what you should give “of yourself” please don’t worry, in the next post we shall discuss options for giving that really works and gets you another income in the process. Sounds great? Come back again soon and thank you so much for reading my blog post!  Best regards, Nick

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