What is an opportunity really? A chance to do something? A chance to Be someone? A way to do something, not previously thought possibly?

There are many ways we could ask that same question and they would all be right. Because whether you’d been given the opportunity or you made your own, it still comes down to the same thing, that now the doors are open and the red carpet is laid out for you to actually do something you have never done before.

But “hang on” you say, I never asked for that opportunity and that would be right, because every living person, including You,  are presented with one or several opportunities throughout their lives, that “when taken leads on to great fortunes” if and this is the big question, if You do something with it.

No one can do it for you and indeed if you get the opportunity presented to you and you choose to do nothing with it, again it just slips away, like a cloud in the sky.

Some people however have big massive dreams and spend numerous hours their lives, day dreaming about doing this and doing that, but when the actual opportunity arrives they don’t recognize it as such and fail to act on it. Sad really!

An opportunity often comes disguised as hard work and that’s why most people fail to recognize it for what it is. I remember seeing an TV show from England years ago where they set up deliberate “opportunities” for people  and in the end after so many attempt to entice the people, ended up with painting a big bill board on the side of a 5 ton truck , saying “Bill, Call this number”, to get his attention.

But of course for others, who has the smarts to recognized an opportunity for what it is, the doors just opened and the future is theirs to command.

Having said that, sometime you’d need more than just an opportunity, because as I mentioned earlier, it comes disguised as hard work and also during our lifetime our dreams and goals has received so many bumps already that you lack the belief to start anything again.

It is said that only two in 10.000 ever start something again after a second failure!

What is a failure really, it means you found a way that is not possible to achieve your goal. It doesn’t mean that you could never do it, does it?

If you started walking to the supermarket and you miss a turn and “failed” to get there  and even if you walked back again and started again and on that occasion too you “failed to make it”. You wouldn’t just give up, ever finding the supermarket would you?

But so it is with many peoples dreams, however if you are lucky enough to have someone, someone who know where the supermarket is and who is prepared to take you by the hand and show you the way. It would be the best opportunity ever, don’t you think?

For what are the chances of failing, none or very little right? Yes, but still many people do not take that option either. Can you guess why?

Because of the paradigms. What is a paradigm, a paradigm is a multitude of habits (many different habits). Like an operating program inside yourself that stops you from even trying sometimes.

It a little like giving up smoking or losing , weight the first week is so easy and you feel great for having achieved something, and then it’s all downhill from there right.  You find it increasingly difficult to keep your motivation going and sooner or later it just becomes too hard, Right?

This is where, my job being a life coach comes in to play, I know what you are going through and can assist you in dealing with all your demons, but make no mistake, you would have to want it and want it badly, because no one can ever do it for you.  Having said that if you have the desire and you are prepared to invest  in your own future, this is the very best ‘Opportunity”  you will ever have!

And what would it not feel like, if all your dreams come true, Imagine what other people, not even thinking about your own family would say. When suddenly your income say, went from a few thousands of dollars to millions. You arrive at the family dinners in your Porch 911 or you new Mercedes.

Being able to take time off, just looking after and having fun with your children. Take your children to Egypt, and show them, “There Kids, these are the Pyramids”, in real life not just from a book. This and so much more is awaiting you,  if “YOU” recognize YOUR “opportunity”.  Dream It, Live It!

By Nick Struan

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