In Pain and Feeling Alone

Life Coach Nick advises that chronic pain is by far the worst ever problem. With feelings of chronic pain this constant “companion” that carries on relentlessly hour after hour, day after day and month after month. Pain not enough to make you scream, but enough to make you cry!

And no one ever knows! You try to share it, but soon people stop listening or caring. You are left with the option to be half drugged and not able to function or be in pain 24/7. What would you choose?

There is a point where ordinary pain becomes so persistent that suddenly it starts to take over your life and from then on it seems to develop a life on its own.

It has to do with our “normally” great system for goal setting and for progressing forward, however when we use it against ourselves it can have devastating results.

The Reticular activating system, as Wikipedia explains it:

Direct electrical stimulation of the reticular activating system produces pain responses in cats and verbal reports of pain in humans. Additionally, ascending reticular activation in cats can produce mydriasis, which can result from prolonged pain. These results suggest some relationship between RAS circuits and physiological pain pathways.*

Well, what does that all mean? It mean that apparently we have a system in our body that help us move along in the right direction, unless of course you have it programmed for self-destruction.

Say you’re waking up in the morning and have a slight headache from sleeping on a pillow that is too high. “It kinked your neck” you think and your head hurt also. “Never mind” you say and you get on with your day.

Later that morning you realise that the pain has increased and maybe at this point the pain has reached a 6 on the pain scale of zero to ten, ten being the highest and zero being the lowest. A 6 means that you are noticing the pain regularly and it’s starting to affect your concentration.

This is normally the time that most people reach for the “Pain Killers” and soon like magic “no more pain” and you forget and soon everything is back to normal.

What if, you did not take any medication? Two scenarios then confront you, (one) it may just go away by itself or (two) it may get worse.

Please refer to our previous post about severe pain associated with nausea (warning!! Seek immediate medical attention if pain consist).

Let’s not forget the two keywords “Pain” & “Alone” as these words has significance in their special relationship with our RAS (Reticular Activation System).

When the pain assumes a level of 6 or more and the concentration level is affected, you first involuntarily begin concentrating solely on your discomfort, however another powerful emotion is activated, called the “why me or poor me syndrome”.

This is a strong self-orientated emotion literally bringing us back to our childhood and mothers loving arms.

This now become self-perpetuating (a catch 22 situation) where more pain bring on more anxiety and more anxiety bring on more pain and added discomfort.

Then throw in a dash of sleeping disorder and we are going downhill fast.

This all sounds like we have a choice, but no, at this point our emotions run rampant and the more we concentrate on the pain the more we seem to get more of it and if this condition continues for any length of time, especially if you become unable to sleep as well.

It can becomes neurotic and seriously affect your life, with depression and so on because our RAS just want to help you get what you “seemingly” want.

Pain is a beautiful thing, because it warns us of potential danger, but left untreated it has the potential to ruin your life.

How to treat it? Action is always the key and though you may not always be able to get rid of the pain entirely, you must at least try to manage it with the help of your medical professionals.

Another danger here that taking too much pain medication could bring on a whole new set of problem, like kidney failure and so on.

It is among the alternative treatment methods the answer lies at least in the first instance.

Never snub your nose at the medical profession, most of these are highly skilled professionals with a wealth of experience to save your life, if it came to that.

However, do search out a doctor with whom you can share your feeling with and express yourself un-inhibited.

You should however try to understand that alternative treatments are prevention (stopping things from getting out of hand in the first place) and “proper” medical intervention is for when all other things fail.

Feel very fortunate to be able to access the best of both worlds. If this situation happens to you, surround yourself with loving caring people, at the very least visit a trained councilor once a week. Someone who will listen to your cares with an open mind and guide your effort to “normalize” or re-program your RAS and make you feel not so alone.

Therefore it makes sense to live a life based on healthy principles, and if pain occurs which it naturally does from time to time, seek the appropriate help, starting from your Naturopaths for your general health and your GP for instant professional care and treatment of your general health concerns.

Remember, however that NO ONE has more concern about your body than you, so you must open your mouth and let someone know and not just keep quiet and live a lonely and miserable life.

Here’s a great suggestion, you know when you get to see your GP (Doctor) you forget half the stuff you really wanted to tell him.

One great way is to write your doctor a letter before you go, starting with;

“Dear Doctor, I have experiences these following conditions and I really need your assistance in dealing with them. Please advise me on what to do and how to deal with it.” Thank you.

Write as much as you like about how you feel and where things are hurting or any other concern that you may have, and then simply make an appointment with your doctor and give him the letter.

Because it’s in a written form your doctor can easily find out what’s going on and prepare a health care plan for you to follow and since you left nothing out, he will have the whole story and he must act upon it straight away. (Duty of Care)

(If you need help writing the letter, please email me ok?

Write to: [email protected]

Most things can be fixed and people DO care, seek immediate Medical advice if conditions persist. Life Great, Live it!

Article by: Struan International, Nick Struan

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