Poverty Sucks! Yes, I sure you’ll agree with that, it honors no one and makes you feel so small and unimportant, right?     So how come some many people participate in it?

Most of us live in some of the most industrialized countries in the world and even if you live in a small village in nowhere land, there are very little excuses for being poor and to continue to do so. In some places we even get paid welfare or unemployment benefits. Which is so great.

Many people in wealthy countries however still claim poverty. Why is that so?

Of course, if your are (like so many people) in a situation where your debts has exceeded your income level, the handout from the governments seldom covers the repayments on all your loans.  Even so,  many countries now offers financial assistance with free debt programs to allow you to get your head above water again.

So what poverty am I talking about?  I am talking about self-imposed poverty where people deliberately place themselves at the bottom of the food chain out of their own choice.

So stay tuned because together we are going to explore this strange concept of “self-imposed” poverty.

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