Procrastination, The Enemy of Success

The reasons WHY?

You don’t do what you should be doing!


Let’s analyze why even now that you have the knowledge that you can have everything you ever wanted, don’t you go for it immediately.

There are several reason


  1. Someone Steals your dream:

Dream stealers are everywhere and comes in a variety of disguises, like your own Mum and Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, School Teachers, Religious leaders, Your “Friends”, The Green Grocer, The policeman or whomever you come into contact with during your day.


Remember only 5 people in a hundred are thinking like you and out of them only 3 people are managing to go past the procrastination stage. So the chances of you running into one of those 5 percent is pretty slim. They are there you just have to watch and listen carefully because like you they don’t want to suffer undue ridicule or embarrassment.


They just work in the background and follow their dreams, like secret agents. You can recognize them though, by their definiteness of purpose and their consistency to follow through with their plans.


You will not find them slugged back in the couch at night watching useless television, they will either be working to get money for their dreams or working in their own business, on their own dreams.


  1. Limited belief


This is a difficult area, as sometime even a little resistance act acts as a motivator to some. In this scenario all the lights are green for go, but the person has no belief in the process, and of course no previous experience at all.


This is really hard, because you can offer little or no resistance to anyone doubting you or telling you “that won’t work because his or hers nephew once knew someone who heard about a bla bla bla…………”

If you are facing this sort of challenge, you need to go back to your list of dreams, goals and ambitions an re-enforce why you’re doing it and how bad you really want it.


If you find that your motivations is not strong enough from your current list of dreams and goals, you are properly aiming too low. Small goals you know you could properly have if you wanted it, does not carry with it the strong desire and motivation you need to conquer the opposition.


At the end of the day, you are going to make a decision about what you are wanting for yourself in the future. No one is going to come and do it for you! You and only You are the master of your faith.


  1. Environment.


Environment is such a major influence on you without you really know it. You were born is a certain area of your country and why would you ever stop to think that other people actually experience a different reality than you.


Automatically we assume that no matter where you go the environment is all the same and everything functions the way we are used to.


This couldn’t be further from the truth, remember the saying; “Birds of a feather flocks together” and there is a multitude of social levels, generally based on the occupation and the financial status of the people.


In Perth, Western Australia we have an area called Dalkeith and it’s what could be described as a “well to do” or a rich area. The houses in this area cost more than 2 million dollars each.


If you are living in this area it feels so more different that perhaps where you are living now, unless of course you are already living in such an area. If you ,oved there from a poorer area, you would at first feel quite out of place and so very different to what you are used too.


If however you are a rich person, used to living in such an environment and you came to live in a poorer area, you would like wise feel so uncomfortable at first, until however if you stayed in this environment for a longer period of time, this area too would feel nice and comfortable also.


The authorities in different countries are acutely aware of this problem, when releasing long term criminals, that unless they change their environment, nothing will change and they will most likely be back in prison within just a few month again.

Also remember that negative always wins. If you’re not a smoker and hang out with other smokers, you will eventually become one also. If you’re not a criminal, but your friends are, you will become one too.

Fortunately it also works in reverse, if you hang out with successful people, you will become one too. Choose your environment carefully, not necessarily just based on how cheap it is, but less is better until you have more.


Find a way to live in a better area, until you can afford to live there, by maybe renting a smaller room and start to getting used to having money. The as you progress you can rent a better house and eventually you will be able to buy your first house in that area.


Do not jump on the belief of “rich people are snobs and not worth knowing” this is a excuse used by the poor, because they don’t think they can possible live like that.


If you however look at lotto winners, the first thing poor people do when they win is to change their environment and move into a “better area”. So much for the “Snobs”


If you’re a family and can’t find a room big enough, then find an apartment or a house for rent as close to that suburb as you can and move on from there. “If you aim for the moon and miss at least you are among the stars”.


You are a winner and don’t let anyone “Steal You’re Dream! You can have a better , more prosperous life full of happiness and adventure.

Let’s keep studying the following lesson and if you want to go forward really fast, contact me to discuss how I can help you get there faster.


Thank you for reading and “YOU CAN DO IT”

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