Reality, my friend, I want to talk with you about reality. What is reality? When children are first born and they partake in the most important past time activity they could ever do “Day Dreaming” their parents don’t mind at all, Right?

Why because that what all kids do, but when they age, especially when they enters school, when they are caught out by their teachers they are told off and told to pay attention to “”reality”

If they have lofty (big dreams) you are always told by well-meaning adults to get back to reality.

Therefore I want to discuss with you about reality. OK?

Reality is supposedly what we can see, or feel with our eyes, hands, smell, hear and taste. Right? And we live our lives out of those emotions. We feel something to be cold and we take for certain that what it is.


We hear something and we take for granted that it’s correct and so on. But in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

For instance, we are living on a planet, wrong. I fact you have never even touched this earth. Your brain is your mind, wrong again, your brain is nothing more than an electrical switching station

So what is is my mind? We are spiritual beings living in a body, all scientific studies confirms this. Our brain is merely taking orders from our “spirit” and the tools its uses is our 5 senses, this prevent us from harming our “vehicle”, our body.

However it has very little to do with “reality”.

So, again what is reality? As humans we are the only species who has the ability to “make “our world. As someone once said “The only difference in man is his mind, everything else can be found in a pig or a horse” .

Wow, so we can “create” our own “reality”, yes you can>

So why don’t everyone just do that?

Because they just don’t know how too, they have never been “taught” how to do this by anyone.

Did you know that the school system is all designed to produce “good little workers”. People who can slave in bondage all their lives. To make other people’s dreams come true?

Yes even the Universities has this main function. Otherwise the curriculum of all these institutions would be focused on teaching people how to make money and how to be a leader of their own businesses.

Remember the one who told you, you must work hard and pay attention is the one we are working for!

Think about it!

They never told you in school, let me just teach you how to make a million dollars in business and then you can take the rest of your life off.

Anyway, to cut a long story very short. Reality is what you create in your mind. By visualizing and imagining (day dreaming) your reality as you’d like it. Holding that image in your mind’s eye for a long enough period until it manifests itself in your reality.

How do you do it? Where to start? Make a list of everything you want to be, do or have.

You asked before why everyone didn’t become successful in life?


They simply don’t do what they need to do to make it happen.


By Nick Struan

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