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My Name is Nick Struan

Hi and Welcome to my new Life Coaching site. I’m so excited about this as I embark on another journey of discovery with you. I will try not to empress you with all my knowledge, as I can honestly say that most of my material will be copied from an assortment of works created my many mentors, who all are experts in their respective fields.

Such clever and knowledgeable people as  Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, and the late Stuart Wilde. I don’t claim to have all the answers as neither does any of my mentor friends, some of which has already passed on. However, I have spent almost 40 years studying this subject, read over 1000 books on almost every topic concerning why some people are more successful than other and what you need to do to become successful in life.

There is no “Secrets” all this stuff and more are available to you free from the Internet. So the answer to the question as to why anyone would need me?  The answer is this; because  there is so much stuff available from the Internet, that the time is would take to gather it all yourself and make sense of it would take many years.

Why I became a Life Coach?

Yes, so why did I decide to become a Life Coach and by the way.         What is a life coach?

Because as I studied this material I realized that many other people would never have the time to devote to gather all this stuff, nevertheless make any sense of it. Several time I literally drowned in the sea of information and have on many occasions experienced an overload, that caused my mind to have to shut down to assimilate the collected material. I was feeding my mind with so much information, that I  had to take time off to relax, totally away from everything,  just exercising and walking.

Not only that, the information that I was given, didn’t work for me at first as it was suppose to. I told myself that I would not come and start a site like this unless I myself was able to be able to make the concept work for myself. Almost 36 years ago I , like my Mentor, Bob Proctor picked up a copy of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

It  given to me by my Sales Manager and I read it and started immediately applying all the principles, as I was instructed. However, unlike my mentor who in the space of twenty four month became a millionaire, nothing ever happened for me. I was deep in debt and worked liked a crazy man to support my family. I thought I followed everything by the book, but for some reason nothing happened.

So I decided to spend every living moment to find out why, and so did Bob Proctor. The only difference is that Bob lived the good life in splendor and I battled on as a poor man. There was always more month left over at the end of the money and no matter what I did success and indeed the money avoided me. Now thankfully that Bob did decide to find out what was happening and why he had gotten rich all of a sudden, because he is without a doubt the most teachable and generous man alive.

He has been my mentor for years, though we never officially met,  and so through his teaching I was able to continue learning about what I needed to learn to become successful also.  Does that mean I just picked up his book and Hurray! Big Time is here, far from it. This is an exact science, but and individual one. It cannot be handed to someone in a box, you have to learn and apply the principles yourself.

That takes a lot of time to learn, thankfully though I could save time by listening and learning from Bob. Now I have joined forces with my mentor and decided to go public to help share this information, not as Bob (who is the master orator and teacher, without the shadow of a doubt) but bringing the information to you in a slightly different way. One based on so many years of hardship and failed attempts, that qualifies me to instruct you in the way to get to your end result faster and less painlessly.

I have spend thousands of dollars to sift the hay from the chaff and I can save you from that, I also have the benefit of offering a variety of experiences both in business, education and personal relationships. Oh yes I paid the ultimate prize in the pursuit of my destiny, by loosing my children and the love of my wife. All this experience and much more is my claim to fame, because what is the worth of winning fame and fortune, only to loose your soul?

I have been fortunate and I’m so grateful,  to be born in this amazing and exciting time. Being part of experiencing the transition from theory through to the coming golden age where man finally takes control of his/her own mind is so exciting and once you realize that you too can take part in this s amazing change, you won’t be able to sleep at night either.

There will be so much more here, as I get started, so please come back and check it out from time to time and leave a comment to me anytime.  Thank you,  Best regards Nick

My personal email is at:  [email protected]

Up and coming Seminars:

CHINA:    Tuesday the 24th of May   Songshan Lake Business Centre, Dongguan China

Time 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Finished)

PERTH,WA:  To be announced