Bullying is not cool! (….and won’t be tolerated)

 Super Confident Allie Sherlock

Super confident Allie Sherlock shares her amazing story


When fame came to Allie Sherlock, a 12-year-old busker girl, it was revealed that she suffered bullying and had to change school.


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Published on Jun 10, 2017

This week now twelve-year-old Cork native has become an internet star after a video of her busking was watched by over one point two million people in just a week. Allie Sherlock joined us today

Super Confident Allie Sherlock’s amazing Interview

Who would have thought that anyone would want to bully such a talented and beautiful girl as Allie?

This only happens to ugly nerds right?  The freckled kid, the funny looking, the awkward one, the nerdy and so on. Never the good-looking ones,  right?  Well, it looks like we could all be wrong in this.

Do you remember in your school?  Who was bullied and by whom and who if any stood up for them? Did you? Please share your story below in the comments if you have a recollection of being bullied or you know of some who were so that other people can benefit from your experiences.

Did you know, that we (ourselves,  are the instigators of our own bullying) and that all the experts agree and have the statistics to support the argument that most people who become victims of bullying suffer from low self-esteem?

So let’s look at that a bit deeper, does that mean that if I did not have a low self-esteem I would probably not become a victim of bullying? Yes, it does.  So if we developed a healthy liking for ourselves the problems would be fixed? Yes!

Ok so please explain how that can be, that a super confident girl like Allie can become the victim of bullying?

It’s really simple really because Allies newfound stardom is based on very recent events and much like someone standing on a crumbling mountain, her base is unstable, though now appearing super confident deep down she is not feeling that confident about dealing with these sorts of people and events. She is a “super confident” singer and songwriter, but very much a normal teen inside subject to all kinds of peer pressure.

Learning how to be super confident must, therefore, deal with the whole person in all areas of their lives.

Anyone can learn to become “super confident” it only takes two things.

Someone who believes in them wholeheartedly and who has a plan for them to follow.

  That where a Life coach becomes extremely important because most parents are not trained to deal with these issues and may indeed suffer from a low self-esteem themselves, which makes it impossible for them to teach it.

Someone poor can never teach you how to become rich, and that’s why you don’t ask the mechanic how to bake a bread, right?

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