When talking to people, they always ask me the same question. Where do I start? I want to improve my life and indeed my lifestyle, but how and where do I start? Let me therefore make it very simple. From the start!

Where are you now? We look at the result of your efforts, like you general income. So don’t be surprised or offended by a personal question like: What’s the highest amount of money you have ever earned? With the answer to this simple question we can generally tell exactly where your thinking has been up to now.  Wait, let me go back a little here.  The leaders and thinkers from old days have agreed on very few things, but the fact that:

You Get What You Think About or Become What You Think About Everyone has always been in unanimous agreement about.

So what does that mean, that mean that the income level that you have achieved so far indicates where you level of thinking has been to date, because the person does not only make $ 50.000 per year from choice, but because he or she doesn’t know how to make more. If your life is full of “negative” issues, tells also the story of a focus on the negatives and so on.

If however you life is filled with happiness and great relationships, you either consciously or unconsciously are already applying some or all of the principles I am going to teach you here. Basically I will help you increase your level of energy (consciousness) or ( your level of vibration) and teach you a skill or how to make money, so when the people whom you will begin to attract  starts to show up, you can simply bill them.

There are only two ways of creating income, one from other people and two, from money making money and later we will explore both of these concepts. It is an illusion to think that just because you start making a few happy positive thoughts, that money starts to roll in through your front door without you having to do anything.

Anyway to begin with lets look at one of the most important requirement for making money.

The Law of Gratitude.

The law of gratitude, focuses of the ability of you to recognize the good thing that has already been given to you. In the midst of feeling sorry for ourselves we sometimes neglect to realize the many wonderful things we have already been given. So lets look at some.

I suggest (that means that if your are really serious about changing your life, you absolutely MUST do this) that you start to make a list of everything, so that you can make it a habit to to show gratitude for what you are so fortunate to enjoy already.

If you enjoy good health, let’s be grateful for that, you have shelter, food, warm clothes, clean water, good friends, children, a car, a bike, good holidays, great parents and so on. Make a huge list,  as big as you can ok. Does it make sense to you, that we must appreciate what we have been given already, before the Universe (or God) gives you any more?

Sometimes it’s easier to make a total map over your life, just sit down and write out everything that is happening in your life, friends, family, parents, children, work, social, financial and the go into details about what to be grateful for and what you would like to change.

This is however by far the most important steps to do, but many people neglect to do this and slows themselves down by many month.  This concludes this section as we progress to identify what it is that you really want. It’s not nearly enough for you to say that you just want more money, you have to be laser focused and very clear when you put in your order with the Universe.

What Do You Really Want?


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