Two faces, what do I actually mean by that. Only that most of us carry two or more faces that we show to other people when we meet them. The first one is the perfect one the one that our heart believes is the best one that we can offer, which is why we are devastated when someone hits on that one face, because its so fragile. Why? Because we don’t actually really own that one, its made up from how we feel generally and how we feel on the day, so to speak. You know what I mean, you had a good night , you slept well and you feel very good about yourself. Then the face we portray to the outside would be much more based of feeling confident and unbeatable. However if you didn’t sleep the whole night and you slept in and your were late for work and the boss yelled at you again for the 6th time this month. Then the face you would portray is a totally different one.

The second one is the real you, in all its beauty. Fragile, vulnerable and insecure, The baby face, the little child, totally not sure about everything or anything, just hoping that the next day will be ok too. Often feeling safe knowing that your parents are not that far away or feel safe because of your partner , family or guardian. Isn’t it true though that many times, late at night in your bed. You ask yourself whats going to become of you and is there someone out there who can help.  To answer that question right away, Yes , there is . Who?   Me, Nick Struan, call me anytime, day or night.

Call +61 0410 207 209 if you need a friend.  However why do we feel that way? Are we really that defenseless and useless that we cannot master our life?  In short Yes, but its not your fault. No one, including you was given an instruction book when born that said. Ok you’re here, now start with step 1. and follow to step 2 and so on. So we start out on this adventure totally and utterly unprepared for anything. In fact the guidance we get from our own parents, is already somewhat outdated, as in today’s environment things changes that quickly that the news you are given is already yesterday news, when your read it. The curriculum in many schools and colleges has not changed in more than 10 years and yet we still send out kid there to learn something that they will never ever use or draw any benefits from.

The teachers, themselves often neglect to do professional development. ( Ask any teacher what their last PD was about?) They probably wont be able to tell you. Because PD is looked as a an annoying waste of time, because the instruction often doesn’t seems relevant.

So if you are wondering why your life is not working for you, then its time to take stock of your reality and ask yourself some prudent questions, like. Where will you and/or your family be in 20 years if you keep doing what you are doing now?

How are you going to fund your retirement and look after your families in the future and what are you doing now to change the outcome?

Are you really happy with your life, your spouse or your health?


If after that you find yourself with a big question mark ” ? ” , then call me , Nick on +61 0410 207 209 or write to my eMail : [email protected]   to discuss your future. Do It Now!



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