Why Are My Kids So Dumb?

The traditional school system and its role in society.

Many years, as I was growing up I wondered about the value of school. It was obviously great for teaching kids how to interact with other people, yet fails miserably in guiding them in situations of great importance in their lives. My parents divorced early, so growing up without a Dad left me with little or no male guidance on how to deal with life.

When I  in the title refer to kid’s being “Dumb”, I am referring to the amount of understanding each child has of the material learned in school. Remembering something is not the same as having an understanding of the knowledge learned. That’s why when kids emerge from study and enter the work force they are usually very timid and nervous.

From the employers point of view, they hiring someone they know, they have to spend time and money on re-training, because even though the kid’s studied the subject, they have little or no practical understanding of it.  What a difference it would make if the teacher was actually trained in the subject they are studying, and the kid’s got to actually work and train in an environment they will be working in when graduating.

That system is called, “fail by trial and error” and yes the children learns how to get along or not get along with other by sheer accident. No prior knowledge is necessary and many children falls by the way side simply because they damage their self-esteem so early in life and never gets a second chance to recover.

Now imagine if there were classes that taught the kids how to get along with others and some successful techniques, that would make it possible for them to become really great in communicating with both sexes? No more embarrassing moments, Imagine that!

And this system off failing your way through school, is already happening in the very early classes, no wonder kids fear to come to school. Also in western schools, kids have learned from their parents that solving problems or conflict with other is by using sheer violence and shouting bad words to one another.

The problem now is that the kids self-esteem is already damages when they enter high school and so following the parents example they try to protect themselves and their precious ego, by being the “tough” guy or girl. Generally the tougher someone is, the more fearful they are on the inside.

The game is on to show other that “we” (students) are the best in everything and its measured again some un-achievable goal of which a standard has been set, that we even don’t know about or are aware off. The boys has to be the toughest and the girls the most beautiful, and God help you if you should not be a “normal” person in looks or physical ability.

Next comes the hardship of competing in the academic field. Did you know that the schools was originally designed for the rich kids only, hence the term “higher Learning”,(Harward) (Cambridge) etc. Later it was decided to have a school for would be workers, however the curriculum was somewhat very different from the “Higher Learning”.

It was supposed to be like an introduction into factory or mining jobs. The school main focus was to make children “good little workers” and the system of learning was simply “Cramming”. Trying to cram as much knowledge into the children’s heads by way of repetition. Student is the judged on how much they can remember at a given moment in time (exam), it shows little or nothing about the students real potential.

A common occurrence was to recite times tables and alphabets repeatedly and discourage any individual thinking. As a good worker they didn’t want the children to have any great ideas, they just wanted them to show up on time, do their work without causing any trouble and go home to get ready for the next day. An analogy of the day was to keep girls, “poor, barefoot and pregnant”   and it was encouraged that kids married early and so remained in servitude for many years.

They wanted them to marry early, so they were tied down at an early age and get into debt so that they had to show up for work to pay it off.

This practice still survive to this day and not just for menial workers, high flying executives are often showered in benefits when they start working in a new company.

At first these benefit are seen as a very lucrative encouragement deal to attract the best employees, like cheap mortgages and loan, Cars, Clothes, Holidays and what have you. But when it all has to be paid back, the people find themselves trapped, by expensive credit card interest payment and loan rates, that they simply must continue working in the company to pay off their debt.

f you are not allowed to control a person by force, simply put them into debt and they remain yours forever. Simple strategy, but very effective as human nature says, spend now and pay later!

So for a child today, to have any chance to develop a great self-esteem and to make their way into a great lifestyle, filled with peace, happiness and good relationships, they need guidance on how to learn how to become different and how to develop themselves into an individual filled with self-confidence and knowledge about how to make it in today’s society.

Failing that and not getting the correct guidance will almost certainly see many children as either very early parents ( some girls now are having kids at 12 years old, in their need to find love and meaning in life.) others are depressed and simply bone lazy, totally un-inspired or on drugs as they try to cope in a society that offers no real guidance or assistance in show how to “do life”, how to life successfully.

Many children now, simply decide it’s all too hard and either overdose on drugs or kills themselves in some other way. The statistics are showing a definite increase in these areas and the only thing that’s going to help them is education “real Education about how to survive life”

Their parents struggle desperately to help them, but they themselves are not aware of these problems, because they never experienced the pressure that their kids are under in trying to cope with it all. The only chance these kids have is help from outside sources, from Life Coaches, like me, who understands life and have spent time developing a system to help them.

That is the mission of a life coach, to guide You or Your children on their way to success, don’t delay, call me today or email me. My name is Nick Struan and you can find me at: [email protected]


By Nick Struan

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