Why Is It So Hard To Succeed in Life?

This question is asked by so many people, who struggle to find the right “Formula” for success.

It isn’t really that hard, but to put it simply, people try to negotiate the Universal laws by deciding what they think it should take. It’s a little like if you have a recipes for cake you decide to leave something out and still expect a perfect cake.

So let look at that, what does people leave out!

Firstly let’s just establish the parameters by examining the concept of a Universal Law. What is it and how do we use it to our advantage. You may think it strange to discuss the concept of a law, it should be obvious. If so why do so many people try to disobey the laws?

Let’s look at a Universal law that we are familiar with, The Mighty Law of Gravity. Do you deny its existence? You don’t think so! No, you’re right that would be rather foolish as it operated in the open all day everywhere as “What goes up, must come down”

It’s also known to keep us on the surface of the earth, without it we would simply float into space, right? Anyway, it’s a widely accepted Law and similar to Electricity, we don’t necessarily need to know “how it works” to accept that it here and it does work.

So needless to say, other laws govern the human form and its existence here on earth. That’s does not mean that you must follow them all, not at all, because we are intelligent being and as the only species on earth have been given the opportunity choose what to believe and what not to.

In fact we are the only species that are able to rationalize our thinking. Animal cannot, but our fabulous mind has the infinite capacity to make a choice. The laws are by design dual in nature and so offer a choice to follow it or not and this is where people become unstock.

Many out of ignorance. They simply don’t know the law exists and don’t care or if they know, they try to negotiate its power. There is a strange belief that if you do nothing everything bad will go away and you won’t have to deal with it and nothing could be further from the truth.

Every action has and equal and opposite re action. Meaning by default, if you don’t choose one way, it will simply go the other way by itself. This is highlighted in the economy, there is no such concept of a plateau or a place of rest, the economy is either going up or going down.

Same with us people, we are either creating or dis-integrating ( falling apart). So even if you think you don’t have to do something, something is being done without you knowing it, so to speak. Let’s look at an example, someone say, is very lazy and stay at home all the time and does nothing all day by sleep and eat.

This person is called an oxygen thief, because all they do is to steal oxygen from people who really need it. Outward it looks like nothing is happening to this person, but inward powerful laws are determining their future. Their self-esteem is corroding, the ability to believe in themselves is slowly disappearing and interact with other people becomes more and more difficult.

Remember the law, if you are not creating something (being active, doing something, you are in fact disintegrating (Falling apart). Like an acorn, a seed that are able to produce a huge Oaktree, if left in your pocket, simply just disintegrate and returns to dust.

So even if you thought you would get away with it, it caught you up. Like the law of gravity, there simply is now way of escaping it. Also, its not just one or two laws that is in play here. There are more than eleven laws that’s governs how you eat, sleep, drink, behave or even dis-behave .

It is hope that this understanding will make you see the Universal truth, that

It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it!

Failing to understand and follow these Universal laws will only bring to you a life of misery and frustration. Which by the way is what most people experience in their lives.

That leaves you with two task to complete if you wish to reap the benefits of working with the laws, rather than against them. Actually it’s not actually against them, but remember the duality, so if you are not planting flowers, weeds will flourish plentiful, therefore if you are not being positive, you are by default being negative.

The number one task is to study and understand these unspoken laws of the Universe and number two is to start to follow and working with them. (Doing thing in the right way) so to speak. So there you have it in a nutshell, is why people do not succeed in life.

Learn how to work with the Universal laws and you simply must succeed, Why? Because, It’s The LAW,

By Nick Struan


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